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St. Patrick’s Primary School Mullanaskea, Garvary, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh


  • The Vice Principal is the co-ordinator for both Monitoring and Assessment. She monitors the medium term planning, the co-ordinator sheets and provides a written report to the Principal of her findings. She discusses this with the Principal at a senior management staff meeting once per week .
  • She also conducts a termly whole staff meeting where the children’s standardised tests and general progress is discussed. The Special Needs register is then updated in light of the findings.
  • Each pupil’s results are collated onto a pupil profile sheet and also onto a class screening monitoring page. This allows the teachers to examine the child’s overall performance as well as his/her performance against his/her class. The standardised tests are carried out in May. The results are reported in the June report to the parents. Additionally, the CBA's are carried out in the autumn term and then reported to the parents at the annual parent/teacher meeting in November.
  • The Key Stage Assessment is carried out in the spring term. The staff examine both the results of these tests along with the results of the standardised assessment to set targets for the school for the forth coming year.


The NI Literacy Assessment (NILA) is provided by Tribal Education Ltd. NILA has been designed to assess Year 4 to 7 pupils; literacy skills in:

Listening;Reading; andWriting.

The practice assessment can be used as many times as required.

Passwords are not required to access the practice assessment.

View the practice assessment demo


The NI Numeracy Assessment (NINA) is provided by Rising Stars UK Ltd. NINA has been designed to assess Year 4 to 7 pupils; numeracy skills across two strands:

Understanding and Using Number; andShape and Space, Measures and Handling Data.

The practice area can be used as many times as required.

A few techniques within NINA require pupils to use the mouse and keyboard at the same time, for example tessellation, pupils should be guided through any difficulties before they commence their assessment.

Passwords are not required to access the practice area.

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