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St. Patrick’s Primary School Mullanaskea, Garvary, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh

RDS Science Fair

2nd Feb 2018

The P.7. children presented their science project at the RDS Primary Science Fair on Saturday 13th January. Their scientific enquiry asked, ‘Can we use air pressure to help us tidy our school grounds?’ They had to consider negative and positive air pressures to design a leaf blower/vacuum. They also had to consider the interplay between the positive and negative pressures. The leaf blower was able to both blow and suck from the formulation of their design. This was a very sophisticated project that demanded a lot of scientific enquiry, fair testing and hypothesizing.

As always, the project was adjudicated by judges at the Science Fair. Our project was adjudicated by Prof. John O’Byrne and Maggie Etherson who deemed our project to be the best.

“This was a brilliant project. The question aimed to solve an everyday problem. The children were energised and brimming with enthusiasm and knowledge for their project. They demonstrated clearly the process of air blowing and suction. They designed the propeller themselves and described the electric circuit in a fun engaging and informative way. They also showed how changing the circuit converts blowing to suction. The graphs and use of IT were done by the children. It is clear that the teachers have involved and energised all the pupils. Overall, this was a super project. Well Done”

I wish to also thank Mrs. Toal and Mr. Dolan who led the project. It is to their credit that they inspire the children to work at this level. They give their time, their expertise and their experience to benefit each child. It was a wonderful day where the children not only presented their science project but where they had to exploit all their skills of communication. At the RDS in Dublin, members of the public, as well as judges, and of course our competitors, want to understand the nature to the projects. They spoke with authority and responded to the questions being asked in an articulate and thoughtful way.

To conclude their project, they presented their work to their parents back in school.